Trust experts like us for broken key extraction services

When you want to extract broken keys from lock, you need to have lots of patience and perseverance. It is also necessary for you to have the required skills. Therefore, it is suggested that you opt for broken key extraction services from a leading locksmith, like Petrov Locksmith Midtown East. We have technicians that are specifically trained to do these kinds of jobs for you. We have access to some of the leading technologies and tools to aid us in the extraction processes. Once the process is over you can continue using the locks either in the same key combination or other. Whilst our key extraction services are quick, they are also affordable.

With our digital door locks you can easily meet your security needs

What is really special about digital door locks is that it helps you get rid of keys whilst still ensuring the safety and security of your place. Our digital door locks that have been developed after lots of research can certainly help you attain security goals like no other. You will be glad to know that our digital locks can be easily installed on different types of doors. Furthermore, these locks are easy to install and it will be very hard or next to impossible to tamper it. Petrov Locksmith Midtown East also has a dedicated team in place that looks after the service component of these locks.

Call us whenever you require ignition switch keys

Ignition switch keys play such an important role in the performance of your vehicle that you cannot take it lightly. For the optimum performance of your vehicle you need to have these keys in excellent condition. In case you do not have these keys with you or have bad version of them, then call us, Petrov Locksmith Midtown East to place an order. We have the perfect set of keys for your vehicle. Even if we fail to have one, do not worry. We can always have them custom made for you at low rates! Besides providing quality keys for you at low rates, we also provide adequate support services.

Get your locks rekeyed the easiest way

Petrov Locksmith Midtown East can get your locks rekeyed without any hassle and in the quickest possible time. Our team of experts that are into rekeying services can handle this work for you. We have access to some of the most reliable technologies and tools that help us in these works. In having your locks rekeyed it is possible for you to use it again, may be for a different application. For any help that you may need in these works, you may contact us directly! Our team is available to serve you round-the-clock and wherever required. Make sure to provide your details while calling.