Combination Lock – That Is Our Specialty

Petrov Locksmith is the best locksmith you’ll find in the Midtown East, NY area. So, if you’ve been looking for a reliable company, you’ve found it! Nevertheless, we know that actions speak louder than words. That’s why we have plenty of years of experience in the business, providing the best combination lock available.

We are helping out thousands of clients with their lock and key woes. Our top priority is your satisfaction and safety, meaning we only work with top-tier door locks. That includes deadbolt locks, mortise locks, combination locks, safes, vaults, and more!

No matter if it’s for your residence, your commerce, or your car, we have the right tools for the job. Therefore, we are the only “locksmith near me” that you will ever need. Once you’ve tried our security assessment services, we guarantee you’ll love the combination lock solution we provide. So don’t wait any longer; call our number and book a security consultation today!

combination lock - Petrov locksmith

Good Locks, Good Sleep

For us, at Petrov Locksmith, it is paramount that you always feel safe and secure. Since that is our passion, we dedicate ourselves to providing the best residential locksmith services. Once you have the best security possible, we promise that your quality of life will improve significantly!

Our experts constantly train and stay up to date on the latest advancements. That means reading up on the latest combination lock models as they are all the rage lately. They are functional and practical, perfect for safekeeping your house and valuables.

Call our helpline if you want to improve your security but don’t know where to start. We will program a visit to your residence or commerce. Subsequently, we will undertake a thorough analysis of your current security installations. We will consider your needs to provide a tailor-made lock upgrade plan for your door lock.

Following that, we will begin installing the new locks with your approval. That includes a mix of mortise and combination lock for the doors and windows in most common cases. Furthermore, should you wish it, we can also install a safe or vault for safeguarding your most valuable possessions.

Quick Auto Roadside Service

Our commitment to being the nearest locksmith you’ll need is that we will provide roadside assistance. It’s pretty standard for transponder keys to bug out, fob keys to get lost, and ignition keys to break. We have helped many clients on the road by going out to their location to get them back driving quickly.

Our truck is always loaded with all the tools we could need for any possible job. Our toolboxes are secured with the best combination lock the market has to offer. That is a recommendation we make to all our clients, as keeping a toolbox handy in the car is vital.

So no matter what your car lock problem is, we promise to resolve it. Usually, replacing a key fob or reprogramming a transponder key means going to a dealership. Significantly this tends to mean high costs for solutions, but you’ll find our prices far more affordable. So call our team for your next roadside emergency!

24/7, 365, All Day Every Day

We know that a lock emergency can happen at any time of the day. Albeit no one is ever prepared for one, naturally. That’s where we come in. With our commitment to being the best residential locksmith in Midtown East, NY, we set up a 24-hour emergency helpline. No matter if it’s a mortise lock, deadbolt lock, or combination type lock, we will open it. It means no more night-time lockout woes if you have no other way inside.

It helps if you have a second set of keys hidden outside for such an occasion. Otherwise, you can try to remove the handle or combination type of lock with a screwdriver if you feel confident. But if you don’t, it is far more preferable to leave it in the hands of our pros.

Whenever we answer to a lockout, we keep in mind our members’ responsibility. They must be meticulous in order to make sure the correct person is entering the building. Sadly, some people act in bad faith. That’s why our members are instructed on local laws on how to proceed. Accordingly, they will ask for either identification or authorization.

Expertise And Reliability

As we mentioned previously, we have been working for many years as our customers’ locksmith of choice. We have been providing the highest quality lock they demand. No other locksmith can compare to our vast array of locks. We carry all the latest and most secure mortise locks, deadbolt locks, and combination types of locks.

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