Electric Door Lock Service in Midtown East, NY!

An electric door lock is a new and improved security measure for your home. They are often used without keys, but they can also work together with keys. With this type of lock, you will be able to lock and unlock your door remotely and also monitor the status of your door. You can unlock this type using your car, key fob, or mobile phone software. Electric door locks were first found on cars but are now applicable to homes. They seem to be holding their own when it comes to security lock requirements.

Perhaps you are entertaining the idea of installing an electric door lock on your front door. It is a great option and eliminates any issues with keys. With this lock type, you don’t always have to be careful when you shut your door. Regular locks require you to be careful so as to not shut your door and then come to the realization that your key is still inside. So, you should probably call a locksmith Midtown East to get that electric door lock installed. We are sure it will serve you well.

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Commercial Electric Door Lock Installation in Midtown East, NY!

An electronic door lock is also a great option for commercial buildings as it allows ease of access without actually exchanging keys. It can meet several security requirements as it can be integrated with other lock options. This will, in turn, help to make sure your business building is well secured. However, installing this type of keypad door lock can be complex. As a result, you need a professional locksmith Midtown East to help you out.

Since it can be integrated with other lock systems such as key locks or keypad locks, certain care needs to be taken to make sure a proper installation is done. Petrov Locksmith can make sure there are no complications during installation. We have experience when it comes to such door locks. Our commercial locksmith is well-versed in the various types of locks, so contact us if you require installation, repair, or maintenance services.

Electric Deadbolt Lock Installation Service!

Deadbolt locks are another type of lock that can be made to operate remotely and powered by electricity. It is another great choice for your home or office. They can be accessed or unlocked using key cards; some have touchscreens for access, and can include a regular key, depending on your preferences. They can also come with smart features such as fingerprint scanners, face or touch ID, and more. It usually includes three access options, so maximum security is guaranteed in that aspect.

With smart features present, they can connect to your Bluetooth or WiFi and are available with a setup option that allows them to pair with your home’s ecosystem. Therefore, you can operate them independently or via a mobile app. Whichever you choose, you will find that they serve a good measure when it comes to security. To install this lock, whether with a keypad lock or not, contact Petrov Locksmith. We have the expertise to install this type of door lock without any issues. So, if you’ve decided to install these types of locks, give us a call.

Door Lock Repair & Replacement Services!

There are often times when your door locks will fail you. Sometimes it can be reoccurring, prompting you to consider a replacement. Of course, the security of your home is important, so you should definitely get rid of a lock that isn’t in good condition. Even smart door locks can become an issue for you, especially if you have been using them for a long time without an update. Electronic locks are also prone to electrical surges, which can affect their functionality. Ultimately, a repair may not do it, but a repair can also be considered if it will resolve the issue.

If a repair doesn’t do it, then you need to consider getting a replacement or better yet, getting new hardware. These locks come in parts, so they can be easily picked apart. The faulty parts can be replaced with new ones depending on the severity of the damage. A locksmith can definitely help with such a repair or replacement. With our experience dealing with such locks, we can make sure you have a fully functional security lock again.

Furthermore, we provide emergency lock and key services in the city. You never know when you will be faced with an issue with your lock that requires immediate attention. So, do not hesitate to contact us right away should there be an urgent need for our services.

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