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So, you have now purchased a new home and are in love with the idea of keeping your house safe for future residents. The first thing that you will want to do is lock your doors from the inside so that no one can sneak in and make a mess inside. After all, who wants to live in a home where someone breaks in whenever they want?Locks are essential for keeping intruders out, but they also play an important role in ensuring that only those people who have permission can enter. That is why it makes sense to get keyless locks installed as soon as possible.

So,you don’t have to deal with any more headaches down the road. Petrov Locksmiths is an expert when it comes to installing keyless locks, so if you need help with this, then give us a call right away!

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What is a Keyless Lock?

A keyless lock is a type of lock that does not use keys as the method of operation. Instead, it uses a combination of buttons, dials, and electronic systems to allow people inside the house to access the door using only their fingerprint. This can be convenient if you don’t want to keep keys lying around. It is also an extremely safe way to lock your doors because intruders would not be able to crack the intricate locking mechanism. In addition, keyless locks allow you to create different settings that let you grant and deny access to different people. As technology advances, manufacturers are coming up with new ways to make keyless locks even more convenient and secure.

Some newer models can even automatically lock and unlock based on your location. One major advantage of keyless locks is that they are easy to install. All you must do is have a locksmith come to your home and open your existing door. Then, he or she will replace your existing deadbolt with a keyless lock and install an electronic system inside your door. Keyless locks can be easily programmed to open and close your door at designated times, so you can also use them for home automation.

How to Install a Keyless Lock

Now that you understand what keyless locks are, it is time to learn how to install one. Before you do so, you will first have to remove the existing interior or exterior deadbolt from your door. The same applies to any existing door handle. If you do not have a deadbolt on your interior or exterior door, you can simply remove the door knob and make sure that the knob is not stuck or in such a way that it would be difficult to remove. Once you have removed the existing lock, you can install the keyless lock. The steps to installing a keyless lock depend on the type of lock you choose. If you choose a keypad lock, you will simply have to connect it to your home’s electrical system.

On the other hand, if you choose a wireless keyless lock, you will have to install a small wireless transmitter on the wall near your door. Your locksmith can help you with this step. Next, you will have to program your keyless lock using the manual provided by the manufacturer. Do this carefully so that you don’t get stuck in a programming loop. After programming your lock, you can start using it.

Get a Thumb turn Deadbolt Lock Installed

If you choose to have a keyless lock installed on your exterior door, then you will have to have a thumb turn deadbolt installed instead. This is a newer type of deadbolt that has a knob instead of a lever or a keyhole. They are easier to use, especially if you suffer from arthritis or have hands that are not as strong as they used to be.

This allows the door to lock automatically when it is closed. A thumbturn deadbolt also works without a key, so it can be set up to let or keep out members of the same household. If you want to allow access to anyone who touches the door knob, then you can simply program the lock to allow anyone to enter. A thumbturn deadbolt lock is more secure than a lever lock, as it is harder to pick. The lock has three or six pins. You can also choose from a wide variety of keys and knob designs.

Call Petrov Locksmith!

Need a locksmith for a keyless door lock installation? Call Petrov Locksmith! We’re experts in this type of installation, and we’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently. Plus, our prices are very reasonable, and we can install magnetic door locks and electronic locks. So, call us today to schedule a consultation! You can also get in touch with us for commercial locksmith services. Dial our number to contact us!

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