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The master key system is arguably one of the best lock systems because of its access control features. It is a common type of lock system used in offices, homes, schools, hospitals, and other public settings. A master key system refers to a collection of locks and the keys that open them, which are arranged in a pecking order with one key that can open a lot of locks and a lot of keys that might only fit into one lock. System security increases with decreased master key levels. The key is careful preparation.

What might possibly motivate someone to set up a master key system in their building? There are several reasons, but access control and restriction-related enhanced security rank first. Accessibility and comfort are supplementary factors. Ever notice how a maintenance worker carries a bulky key ring around on their belt? The number of keys needed when one key unlocks several doors is decreased by a system such as this that is properly thought out.

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A master key is a key that can unlock several locks as long as the locks are related and are within a key system. This means there can be several master key systems within a building depending on how big the building is or how much access control wants to be restricted. This system is definitely a great choice as you don’t need to have multiple keys because there are multiple locks. So, looking to install one? Petrov Locksmith Midtown East, NY, has got you covered.

Master Key System Installation in Midtown East, NY!

If you have a building and have thought of changing your door locks and installing a reliable key system, then this lock system may be the best choice. This system is quite delicate when it comes to its installation. Careful planning and preparation have to be made to get it right. Dealing with several locks that require just one key to open means all of the locks must have a similar cylinder. This is how a single key is able to open all locks. However, because you are trying to control access by installing this system, other keys within the system must not be able to open the locks. Each lock, however, will have its own unique key to unlock.

Because of these complexities, you need to be sure you are hiring the right locksmith company for the job. Petrov Locksmith has taken on several of these types of lock installations, and we are confident that you can trust us. Surely you don’t want to have issues with your locks after installation. Issues such as the said master key not unlocking some of the locks. This can only happen if the cylinders and keys are wrongly placed. Our asap locksmith Midtown East, NY, is sure not to allow such a thing to happen. So call us now if you need replacement keys in the form of a master key.

Some Factors to Consider When Planning a Lock System!

As we mentioned earlier, this lock system can be simple at the surface level yet complex. This is because a lot of careful planning must be undertaken. This is not an electric door lock or a combination lock that can just be installed. Although these other locks can be complex, they, however, don’t require planning such as this. This is why certain factors need to be considered when preparing a lock system of this kind. These factors include:

  • The manufacturer of the lock and key brand is very important. It can determine the level of security provided.
  • How many locks are to be in the system? This is important as it will determine the number of keys to work with and how to dedicate them.
  • Who will be handling the key distribution? This is also an important factor to consider when preparing a system as such.
  • And lastly, what type of building is it, and where are the doors located? For example, are the doors located within the building or outside the building?

These are the basic factors that any locksmith will consider before helping you plan a system. So, be sure you are in contact with the best at it. It is important for your building’s security and the safety of whatever abides within the building or whoever lives in it. So, instead of going about with a bundle of keys, one can simply hold on to one or two keys, particularly if you own the building. You know what to do to reach us whenever you need such a service.

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